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I do random stuff like games, music, inspirational speeches, and WHATEVER YOU GUYS WANT

March 3rd, 2018    




February 28th, 2018    

Fault Line

YO WASUP guys i made a parody for ya


February 1st, 2018    

YouTube channel

Wat is up my dudes. I have recently hit 100 views on youtube so please do check it out the link is right here 

November 14th, 2017    

to see what I’ve been doing

This is a link to my channel feel free to check it out

October 18th, 2017    


Wassup guys sorry I haven't been uploading for a while that's because I have been really busy with youtube and school so sorry broscidoos 

August 12th, 2017    

Attack on titan song Break your walls preview


July 23rd, 2017    

piano beats part 2


July 23rd, 2017    

piano beats part 3


May 11th, 2017    

Theme of the stories

April 9th, 2017    

Think about it ep.1

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